Sunday, October 19, 2014

a re-discovery

I have been thinking a lot lately about writing long-winded essays on nothing and everything. An impromptu meetup with two of my college friends, Ida and Ell, had me thinking about it again.

Ida especially was insistent: Your Facebook food pictures are great. Do a blog on the food you eat and the places you go.

The truth is, I have been writing in my head all the time. It's easy to play around with words when you are not looking at a blank computer screen. The intro, the body, the conclusion. They're all there. And I do sound quite smart in my  head too.

Tonight, while going through my Blogger dashboard, I discovered the link to my second blog that had only four miserable but well-written (if I may say so) entries. The final entry of that blog was in mid-September of 2010.

My last entry was in April. It is now mid-September.What's happening to me?But I'm glad I haven't quite yet forgotten the URL to this blog and more importantly, the password. And this should be reason enough for me to attempt an update at least once a month.Darn those social networking sites for taking away my concentration and focus.
I have forgotten the password to that blog. Such irony. And worse, I have set comment moderation too. That blog is now officially dead. I may, however, export (oh! such a clever-sounding word) the other three (well, two) entries here. And such a loss too because I quite like the name I gave to the blog (originality is dead), my profile name and the url.

Ah well .. that's life. And aging too.

Friday, May 02, 2014

On my face

I am lying face down on a hospital bed, having my left foot, or rather, the heel of my left foot, softly massaged.

Today's my 2nd physiotherapy session. I'm thankful it's not as gruelling as the first one three days ago. I have another 4 sessions to complete.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I have been meaning to write. I especially had all the time to write when I broke my foot early March.

But I didn't.

The first two weeks of having my foot in a plaster cast, I wasted the time by moping around, being miserable at having to become an invalid and immobile (because I was on crutches) and making everyone miserable too. Or rather, the sight of me lying on my back with foot raised and struggling while walking with the crutches made everyone miserable.

The next two weeks I was doing my best to adept to the situation. Which, I think, I did quite well. Managed to sweep the floors, clean some parts of the downstairs bathroom, cooked simple dishes (the simplest dish, the pasta, would take me an hour or so to prepare). What I didn't get to do and didn't want to do was to climb up and down the stairs. Too scared of falling on my face and breaking more bones in my puny body.

The cast came off after four weeks but the foot hadn't healed completely. The family rejoiced because it meant that I could walk with some help from the crutches and a wee bit of bearable pain. The very first evening, they took me to a sushi dinner. The weekend, we visited my mother and I'm pretty sure we went to some shopping place to eat and gape at expensive stuff.

Today, the seventh week, I had another x-ray of my foot (in total, my foot was x-rayed four times) and the fracture has healed "beautifully," said the doctor. But it's not over. I have to start physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles which had gone to sleep while foot was in cast. I guess that explained why I feel extremely tired after climbing up the stairs. And the pain akin to muscle pull around the ankle area of the broken foot.

So, I will have to attend two sessions per week, with each session lasting 90 minutes. There'll be six sessions altogether. And another appointment, minus the x-ray, with the doctor end of next month.

Let's hope I will be running by then.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Where fishermen park their boats  along Sungai Pahang,
Kampung Kuala Pahang in Pekan, Pahang. 
Wordless again.

I am just not feeling it. There are stories I've "written" in my head but it's not present right now. The picture does not help.

I should just write all the whatevers that flit through my head. But there isn't much up there right now.

And I'm rushed for time. I need to cook dinner.

Monday, February 10, 2014

On the Go

I'm trying this again: blogging on the go. Didn't work too well the last time, or rather, I wasn able to make it work for me then.

Here's the problem. I usually blank out after the first paragraph.

I do miss writing. I write in my head all the time. But can't seem to let any of the words out the moment I am in front of the computer.

I am blanking out again.